Instagram: 6 Reasons You Make My Everyday

6 Reasons to Use Instagram

When it comes to the rundown of daily delights, Instagram is often high on the list of priorities for many of us. It will always constantly have a top-spot in my day to day schedule, and yours too. Posting photos and selfies certainly come with a ton of inspiration and enthusiasm. Here are 6 reasons Instagram makes my everyday:

1. Instagram is a fun platform

Long gone are the days when we had to settle for poorly taken photographs, especially with our low-end mobile phones. Provided you have a good smartphone in hand, it is quite easy to create the Instagram photo façade that you want. Often, after taking a photo, I find myself editing the background or adding a filter. Instagram lets your imagination pave the way.

Instagram: 6 Reasons You Make My Everyday

2. Instagram is an easy connection to other social media sites

Instagram makes it easy for anyone to share pictures on Twitter and Facebook. Nowadays, I find the photos that I share on Instagram are automatically added to my Facebook album.

3. Instagram is sharing photos, reinvented

As someone once said, a picture says a thousand words. Instagram does not wear you out with long paragraphs to read, instead, it simply allow for the posting of a picture and a caption. Sharing that special photo is as easy as pebbles. Also click here for a list of apps to get Instagram followers for your account.

4. Instagram allows me to follow the celebrities I love

There is a time when we could not enjoy the simple pleasures of knowing what your favorite celebrity had for lunch or enjoying pictures of him her at the gym. However, Instagram has made this possible. I can easily find out what was on Kim Kardashian’s breakfast menu through a single snap.

5. Selfies, selfies, selfies!

Selfies are my all-time favorite and I bet they are yours too. I can share pictures of myself from the bathroom, office or a sweaty run. Others can be able to do the same too!

6. Instagram is social

Whether it is showing what the weather is like or explaining why life is a series of memes through photos, Instagram allows me to share my thoughts with the world. It is a highly social platform that allows everyone to share and interact without restrictions.

There you go! These are the top 6 reasons Instagram makes my everyday. This platform lets me and you connect in unimaginable ways.