Get Instagram Followers

Ways to get Followers on Instagram

Unlike other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is different because it relies on you posting pics to get a message across. So your challenge in gaining new followers are very different.

Thankfully there are many ways to do just that aside from you having to purchase a buy Instagram followers program. Let us take a look at the different ways you can lead people to your account and have many followers.

Linking Your other Accounts

One of the easiest way to gain more followers is by telling your friends or acquaintances that you have an account in Instagram. Invite them to visit by putting a link in your new posts. Admittedly, we sometimes add just anybody in our accounts and many times they might not be interested in visiting your accounts.

What you should then do is make an interesting title in your post and not just say to go there. An interesting title of a post can lead people to become curious and hopefully become followers as well.

Get Instagram Followers

Constant Update

Ever noticed that you stop following a website once you notice it barely has any new materials? Well the same rule also applies to your Instagram account. If you barely upload anything new then people will lose interest, they won’t talk about your account and in the end you could lose followers due to lack of interest.

So, what you should then do is have a set period be it daily (doable but very stressful), weekly, or monthly (a longer period could lead to disinterest) and stick to the schedule you pick. Once people realise that you have something new to show pretty soon you will increase your followers just as if you get more followers Instagram.

Proper Labeling

You can’t just rely on your circle of friends you need other people to discover your work as well. To do that, you should make sure to add in relevant hash tags and filters for each of your new post. Hash tags work by making it easier for people who are looking for a type of photo to find your pictures.

The same idea also work for filters, you are labelling your photos so that it would be easier for people to stumble into it. Pretty soon you will have people stumbling into your account as if you have buy Instagram followers.

Oh and please make sure to put in relevant tags and filters only. If you put in just about any tags even if your photo has no relation to it and many visitors will become irked and they will stay away from you instead.

Visit other People’s Work

Another method to get Instagram followers is to actually follow other people or to find apps to get Instagram followers. Engage in the community by leaving comments behind. Interestingly, people prefer it if you leave comments rather than just clicking like. Since posting a comment leaves a more lasting impression rather than just clicking the like button.

Of course, this idea only works if you leave a good or constructive thought. Once you have built a good relation with that person, it would be like you’ve looked to buy Instagram followers since their friends can now also be lead to your own picture.

Of course if you really need an instant big following for your posts then another solution for you is to buy Instagram followers. Now this might seem like cheating but it’s not, since many sites out there actually do the campaigning for you and not use scams to draw people into your posts.